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U.S. Soccer’s mission is simple: to make soccer, in all its forms, a preeminent sport in the United States and to continue the development of soccer at all recreational and competitive levels.

But we need your help. You can help develop a sport and a nation.

Your tax deductible gift is a powerful and important investment in crucial programs that will drive our sport forward. With your support, U.S. Soccer will be able to develop more world-class players and coaches through the following programs: 

  • Need-based scholarships for talented young players
  • Premier coaching instructors and education to benefit all levels of play
  • Enhanced high-performance National Team programming

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Need-based scholarships for talented young players

Great talent comes from all areas and backgrounds. Now you can contribute directly to player development in the United States. In 2008, U.S. Soccer established the Development Academy Scholarship Program, dedicated to providing need-based financial aid to the country’s best youth players competing in the rigorous 10-month Development Academy season. With support from donors and the U.S. Soccer Foundation, U.S. Soccer has contributed more than $2.13 million in funding to the program, supporting more than 1,500 economically disadvantaged players and families. The average Development Academy scholarship is $1,325, which helps cover the high costs of a player’s travel and competition. Your support enables our nation’s most gifted young players to access the elite training and coaching they need to succeed.

Premier coaching instructors and education to benefit all levels of play

World-class players start with world-class coaches. U.S. Soccer creates and manages the National Coaching Curriculum for all levels of coaches in the United States — from our top National Teams to grassroots clubs. Currently, there are more than 40,000 Nationally Licensed Coaches in the United States, and 16,000 coaches who enroll in U.S. Soccer training courses each year. At every level, we need the best coaching instructors and curriculum to guide them in understanding the tactics and principal developmental goals for their players. Developing high-level instructors leads to more successful coaches and better players. Your support can have a ripple affect across the nation.  

Enhanced high-performance national team programming

U.S. Soccer manages 19 National Teams, including Senior Teams, Youth, Beach, Futsal and Paralympic squads. It takes time, careful preparation and, above all, resources, to ensure U.S. National Teams have the opportunity, expertise and innovative technology to compete on the international stage and win FIFA World Cups. From identifying world-class training locations and locking in strategic opponents to tracking a player’s heartbeat, we know we need to provide the most elite environment possible for our teams to succeed. Your support will help our National Teams train and perform at their best.


You can make an impact on the beautiful game you love.